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Digital Life Training is now approved to offer Continuing Education Classes in the States listed below. Our Classes and Workshops are all “Hands On” and taught by Apple Certified Consultants, and include a PC and Mac “synch-checkup” to be sure ALL your devices: iPhone, iPad, and PC or Mac are synching your contacts, calendars, reminders, notes, and even the documents you use most frequently. (This is a $150 value) We work with Realtor Associations and Real Estate Companies in each state interested in helping their Realtors® and Agents get their Continuing Education Credit that will be interesting and practical. Click on your state for details about the classes, how much Continuing Education Credit your Real Estate Commission has approved and when classes are scheduled.

Don’t see your state yet? Click here (We need a web form) and fill out the form and we will keep you informed as to when we will be coming to your state. Perhaps you are considering buying or upgrading to the newest iPad or iPhone, or finally getting rid of that windows PC in favor of a Mac. Call (770) 331-0621, or email us at and we will give you objective advice about which device is best for your needs. DLT does NOT sell any equipment, but we have a special relationship with the Apple Store for Business, and you may qualify for a substantial discount, depending on quantities.