timecapsuleGet the most out of your network.

An Apple Consultant/Trainer will come to your home or office and assess your technology needs and consult with you about what is possible with your network.

We recommend using the Apple Time Capsule for wireless back up of your devices. This will allow you to add other Apple wireless routers (Airport Express) to extend your network to those remote areas like basements or bonus rooms.
We can also connect wireless printers, be sure you can print from your iPhone and iPad as well.

networkingappletvIf you are playing movies over the Internet, we can be sure you have the right speed from your internet provider, and be sure you are getting the speed you are paying for.

(855)-700-iPad (4723) Call us to set up an appointment to discuss:

  • Network Speed Assessment
  • Network Service Provider Assessment
  • Pre-Sale Router Consulting
  • Network Extending Setup
  • iOS Device Wireless Setup
  • Wireless Printer Setup