About Us


At Digital Life Training, we are here to be sure your “Apple Experience” is all that it should be.

Whether you just switched from a PC to a Mac, got your first iPhone or iPad, or you have been using Apple products for years, our team of consultants and trainers will help you get the most out of your Apple Technology.

For business owners, if you haven’t purchased your Apple products yet, let us help you decide what you need. We have a special relationship with Apple and may be able to negotiate special pricing for you.

With the “blurred lines” between business and personal, we are using our computers, phones and iPads for business and personal. We can help you keep everything backed up, synched, and ready to use, all the time. For business owners and entrepreneurs, we can come to your home-office or business and set-up all your equipment, making sure you are set-up, connected and ready to go. If you need some one-on-one, or company wide training, we can accommodate you as well.

If you are a Physician, Attorney, CPA, or a Realtor, we have created profession-specific curriculum for you. Contact us for more information.